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The Notorious Conor McGregor
The Notorious Conor McGregor

UFC’s Original Bad Boy Style Icon

What makes Conor McGregor so instantly recognisable? Without a doubt, he is one of the most electric MMA (mixed martial arts) athletes of all time, finishing opponents with a deadly knockout. Yet, it’s his brash, flamboyant style outside the ring that has earned him legions of fans around the world. His tailored suits and bold, badass appearance have made him a style icon. Never afraid to speak his mind, Conor has recently made his mark with his own clothing range, embodying his unforgettable, in-your-face style.
Let’s learn a little bit more about MMA's ultimate bad boy.

UFC – Where Fighters Wear Their Hearts On Their Sleeve

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) sees two fighters go head-to-head in an octagon. It’s an arena where losers are quickly forgotten. But Conor McGregor has never had losing on his mind. In 2013, he set the world of MMA alight when he burst onto the UFC scene, destroying his first opponent in just over a minute. Starting as he meant to go on, Conor became known for his dramatic first-round knockout blows. Perhaps his most career-defining moment of all came against then-champion José Aldo, where he scored the quickest knockout in UFC history in just 13 seconds. Cementing his success as one of the all-time greats, Conor became the first fighter to hold championship belts in two UFC weight divisions simultaneously. Known for his unmatched movement and quick hands, Conor is a stand-up specialist, usually finishing with his lethal left-hand. As a fighter, he is fearless, always wearing his heart on his sleeve and pushing himself to the limit, which has earned him the nickname “Notorious.”

A Bold, Brash Style Icon Is Born

Conor McGregor’s flamboyance didn’t just play out in the ring. Outside the octagon, Conor brought his own sense of style to pre-fight interviews, often stealing the show with his tailored suits and impassioned speeches. In his own words: “There are two things I really like to do and that's whoop ass and look good.” Conor now oversees his own clothing range August McGregor. His range – like the man himself – is bold and flashy. Coming from humble beginnings, Conor has had to earn every cent of his success, blow by blow. Before embarking on a career as a pro fighter, he was a plumbing apprentice in his native Ireland. Like many top performers, his unbridled belief saw him rise to the top of the world’s toughest fighting discipline, and now he is looking to stamp his authority on the fashion industry. For many, he is the epitome of the modern-day success lifestyle.

The Burrasca – A Rare Breed of Style and Attitude

Conor McGregor is a rare breed of athlete, combining brutal precision with style and elegance. The Burrasca was designed with the same never-back-down mentality, uniting state-of-the-art engineering excellence and a badass attitude - say hello to the Marine Hypercraft.
In this exclusive interview with legendary designer Johannes Scherr, explore how the Burrasca is redefining the world of watersports through its visionary design and engineering.